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What to Expect During Your Exterior Painting Project

At The Painting Company of Birmingham, we want our customers to have all the information they need before their exterior painting project begins. When painting the exterior of a home or business, it is imperative to follow explicit steps for the best results that will last for years. By sharing these steps, you will know what to expect during the exterior painting process.

Properly prepping the exterior of the building is just as important as the painting process. Our painting team will make sure your building is ready for its new paint. Since different buildings have varying exteriors, the prep and painting process may be slightly different for each project. Here is an outline of what to expect during your exterior painting job.

Power Washing

1. Power Washing

The first step in prepping your home or commercial building for new paint is cleaning the exterior. Our crew will power wash the exterior to remove dirt, mildew and debris. A clean surface is crucial to ensure your new paint adheres and lasts for many years to come. Power washing can take as little as an hour, but may take several hours for larger buildings.


2. Masking

All surfaces that need to be protected from paint will be masked off, such as hardware, windows and gutters.


3. Scraping

Any leftover loose paint that is still on the exterior surface after pressure washing will be scraped off to finish cleaning the surface for best paint adhesion.


4. Caulking

We caulk around any areas that need protection, such as windows, doors and wood fascia. We will inspect all trim to ensure any loose boards are secured.


5. Priming

Before painting with your chosen color, we will apply primer to all bare areas which helps improve the adhesion of your paint to your exterior surface, extending the lifespan of your paint.

Trim Paint

6. Trim Paint

Trim is usually painted by hand, and a lot of times we have to apply two quotes for coverage.

Door Paint

7. Door Paint

Any exterior doors (entry and garage) are painted with a smooth spray for a finished look.

Accents and Fixtures

8. Accents and Fixtures

If any accents or fixtures are to be painted, this will be the last step.

Clean Up

9. Clean Up

Once the painting is finished, we will remove all the prepping equipment, from the masking to the tarps. You will not need to worry about a mess when we leave; our crew will remove everything we used to complete the project.


10. Inspection

The final, and most important, step is your inspection. First the crew foreman will inspect the job and fix any issues. Once he has approved the work, he will accompany you with a thorough final inspection to ensure your satisfaction.

Let Us Take On Your Exterior Painting Project

It is essential for exterior paint to withstand the elements. To create a durable paint surface, you need to follow all these steps precisely. Let our professional painters take on your next exterior painting project to ensure your home or business has a beautiful, durable surface that will last for years. Call us today to schedule your free estimate for your exterior paint project at (205) 995-5559.