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Professionalism, excellence, attention to details, and innovation. These are qualities that people expect from any business they deal with. Before customers even talk to you or your staff, they want to know that your business has these attributes. One of the ways they get a sense of what defines you as an organization is the appearance of the building you do business in.

Customers instinctively associate a poor exterior with inferior service. Impressive business premises, on the other hand, inspire confidence because it makes customers believe they are dealing with a trusted company. That’s why the way commercial buildings are painted is central to what defines the success of the businesses that operate from them.

In the past, it used to be possible to succeed without paying much attention to the aesthetics of your building. This is no longer the case, the standards for what customers see as normal are now very different. In today’s environment, how good your product or service is doesn’t matter if customers are turned off by the appearance of your business location.

Painting your commercial building is an investment in the growth of your business. Whether you own the building or you are renting it, as Cory Real Estate Services points out how you approach this issue matters. When painting a commercial building, its design and colors are critical, but the single most important element is the painting contractor you choose for the work.

This is because:

• The contractor interprets your vision for the building into reality. The contractor can take your concept and execute it in a way that completely exceeds your expectations.
• The contractor serves as a trusted adviser to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of paint colors. They will help you make the best choices.
• The right contractor saves you money by doing a high-quality job. The paint on the exterior and interior of the building will maintain its appearance for a long time.
• A competent contractor is a useful ally because they will help you maximize the aesthetics of your building to attract customers.

How do you find the right contractor for your commercial building painting project?

Things to look for when choosing a commercial painting contractor

1. Licenses, certifications, memberships, and affiliations

Certifications show that the contractor is a professional and has had the necessary training. Licenses show that the contractor is legally permitted to work in the area.

Memberships to professional bodies show that the contractor is recognized and respected by industry peers. Affiliations reveal trustworthy businesses that are happy to be associated with the contractor. The more of these a contractor has, the better for you and your building.




2. Insurance, bonding, and guarantees

Painting is a high-risk job and the contractor must protect you from all liabilities. They must have proper liability and other insurance. The contractor must be bonded to ensure that if they do not complete the job, you will not lose your money.

The contractor must provide a signed guarantee that if the paint fails shortly after the job is done, they will redo it at no cost to you. The contractor’s insurance and bonding must be verified directly by the insurer and surety.

3. How long they have worked in the area

A contractor who has operated in an area for a long time will build a reputation. Contractors who are just setting up shop may not be trustworthy. They could be a fly-by-night operation or are unscrupulous contractors who are moving to a new location to escape their bad reputation.

New companies may just be bad contractors rebranding with a different name. For your peace of mind, stick with businesses with a history of working in your locality.

4. Are they professional?

This can be detected in the way they relate to you from the beginning of your relationship with them. If they are incommunicative and do not respond to inquiries promptly, they will not behave better once they get the job.

If they do not have well-defined processes, do not expect excellent service. If they are not thorough or detailed when providing references or in their quotation, you should not expect attention to details when they are painting.

5. Verifiable references for similar projects

A contractor who has been in the business for a long time will have a list of past customers that they can share with you. If they did a good job for those customers, they will have no problems with your contacting them. When asking a contractor for references, make sure they list only jobs that are similar to yours in size and cost. When you contact those references, always request to see the contractor’s finished work, if possible.

6. Do not choose a contractor based solely on price

Contractors who have a standard to uphold will not be cheap. Contractors who are cheap will often cut corners. Moreover, a contractor who quotes a very low price might simply be desperate to get the contract. It is always better to go with a more expensive contractor who will deliver a good finish and is willing to guarantee their work.

Hire an Experienced Commercial Painting Contractors for the Job

Repainting your building is a simple way to reduce the amount of upkeep you have to take care of each year. You just need to make sure to hire experienced commercial painting experts to make sure the job gets done right.

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