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Are you looking for someone to paint your residential home or commercial building, but don’t know who to hire? Do you choose the professional painting company that has years experience or do you choose “some other guy” who offered to paint your house for a quick buck? Here are the benefits of choosing a professional painting company and why you absolutely can’t afford NOT to hire professional painters.


One of the main reasons why it is important to go with a professional painting business, such as the Birmingham Painting Company, is because they are bonded. To be “bonded” means that the painter has purchased a surety bond. A surety bond ensures that the consumer is protected. It can provide reimbursement to the client if the painting contractor violates any of the conditions of their bond. It is also the painter’s agreement to abide by all of the local, state, and federal laws that govern their industry. “The purchase of a surety bond is an indication to clients that the painter has their best interests in mind and is willing to take additional steps to ensure they are protected” (blogging painters). If you were to go with a non-professional painter for the job, then they would not have a surety bond, which means you would not be legally protected if something were to go wrong. If they were to violate any of the conditions you had made, then you would not be able to be reimbursed and they most likely would not have your best interest in mind.


Another big reason why it is important to hire professional painters is that they are insured. While bonds protect the client, insurance is a protection for a business. However, insurance is not just beneficial for the business itself, but also for the consumer. “Clients love well-insured contractors because it shows trustworthiness and dependability and it ensures that they (the client) won’t be responsible if an accident occurs” (blogging painters). Let’s face it, accidents happen all the time and you never know what could happen. Insurance protects the painters painting your residential or commercial complex and it protects you while they are on your premises. Unprofessional painters are unreliable and unpredictable, if anything were to happen to them while they were on your property, you could be charged or held responsible for their actions. This would then cost you more time and money than what it would have if you had just hired professional painters in the first place.

The Painting Company of Birmingham is an honest and upstanding business because we are bonded and insured. We have taken the time and money to make sure that our business is trustworthy and reliable in order to put our customers’ well-being first. We have ensured our protection as well as yours.